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Tips For Eating Healthy During Holidays

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Holiday food is exciting! Just thinking about it brings great memories.

But, holiday food can have a negative affect on your overall health.

Enjoy your food but in moderation. The "itis" is not a good thing!

In this article we will discuss the following:

  • Tips for eating healthy during holiday’s

Be Mindful of Your Food Options

During holidays, food is plentiful. Food is important in our daily lives and brings together friends and family. However, this same food poses a threat to those starting and/or continuing their healthy lifestyle.

What is the "Itis"?

  • Being sleepy after eating

  • Forming name of inflammatory diseases

  • Sign of good food

  • Being greedy

During holidays, typically, there is no shortage of meat products to be consumed. This makes it easier to forget to consume your daily produce. Also, most times individuals are traveling to other individuals’ homes, so options are limited and convenience is the best option.

When healthy food options are limited, it is easy to break habits. Sitting for hours without a meal can create uncomfortableness and decrease bodily function. Holidays are for gathering and being social, not being hungry and irritated. To avoid unpleasant holidays, individuals can do the following:

Tips For Eating Healthy During Holiday's

Bring something

Offer to bring food to your destination or bring healthy food that you enjoy for yourself if not wanted.

Use portion control

If healthy food options are limited, use smaller portion sizes to control intake.

Don’t skip meals

When an individual keeps their eating schedule constant it can reduce the chances of overeating during holidays.

Drink alcohol in moderation

It is ok to consume alcohol, it’s the holidays but do so in moderation. Make sure to consume water frequently with alcohol.

Drink water

Consume water frequently throughout the day.

Reduce rounds of food

It takes around 20 minutes for your stomach to recognize you are full. Take a break after a meal to reduce chances of overeating.

Eat fruits and veggies

If options are available eat them. If not try to get some or just bring some, if possible.

Get your sleep

Before festivities start, make sure you are rested. When individuals are restless, they increase their chances of overeating.

Physical activity

Keep some walking/running shoes in your car. If time permits, go for walk. This can be individually or with others. Physical activity helps burn calories.

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