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Why is Stretching Important?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

The older you get the more you should stretch.

Humans get older each day so stretching is important.

If you stretch more, you can assist in reducing discomfort or improve daily life.

In this article we will uncover the following:

  • Why is stretching important?

  • How often should I stretch?

  • What are the benefits of stretching?

  • Tips for stretching

Why is Stretching Important?

Stretching is important because it assists with bodily function. When individuals stretch, they are increasing their flexibility. Flexibility is the ability to bend or stretch without damaging joints and muscles. Flexibility is not just important for physical activity but for everyday life. The older the body gets; the more stretching should be incorporated.

How Often Should I Stretch?

According to the American College of Sports Medicine individuals should be stretching at least 2-3 times a week. However, daily stretching has been shown to be most effective and is recommended. Stretching can be practiced any time of day. Each stretch should be between 10-60 seconds depending on comfortability.

What Are The Benefits of Stretching?

Stretching is extremely beneficial for the human body. Stretching helps with the body’s blood flow and increases oxygen flow to the muscles. Benefits of stretching frequently are the following:

  • muscle function

  • improves posture

  • increases mobility

  • reduces the risk of injury

Stretching can be done multiple times a day. (answer at end of article)

  • True

  • False

If an individual sits, bends, or stands frequently they should be stretching frequently. Stretching should consist of a series of exercises that stretch multiple tendons and ligaments. Stretch only until slight tightness or slight discomfort but do not over-extend.

Tips For Stretching

Some tips for stretching are as followed:

  • Do not stretch so far that it hurts.

  • Stretch before and after physical activity.

  • Remember to breath while stretching.

  • Balance your routine.

  • Keep good posture.

  • Practice.

  • Talk with your healthcare provider if you are unsure about a stretch.

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